responsible */*/*/

responsible */*/*/
UK [rɪˈspɒnsəb(ə)l] / US [rɪˈspɑnsəb(ə)l] adjective
Get it right: responsible:
Don't use the preposition of after the adjective responsible. Use for:
Wrong: Parents must be responsible of their children's behaviour.
Right: Parents must be responsible for their children's behaviour.
Wrong: When an animal creates a problem, it is the owner who is responsible of this.
Right: When an animal creates a problem, it is the owner who is responsible for this. You can also use the pattern responsible for doing something: He was responsible for ensuring that the organization maintained its independence.
a) [never before noun] deserving to be blamed for something that has happened

Parents feel responsible when things go wrong.

hold someone responsible (for something):

The farmer was held responsible for the damage done by his animals.

find someone responsible (for something):

How long will they be in prison if they are found responsible?

b) [never before noun] if something or someone is responsible for a situation or event, they are the cause of it
responsible for:

The chemical is directly responsible for those deaths.

He was responsible for the accident.

a) [never before noun] someone who is responsible for someone or something is in charge of them and must make sure that what they do or what happens to them is right or satisfactory
responsible for:

The manager is responsible for the general running of the theatre.

b) [usually before noun] a responsible job or position is one in which you have to make important decisions or be in charge of a lot of people
a) sensible, reliable, and able to be trusted to do the right thing

She may be only 14, but she's very responsible.

b) used about people's behaviour or attitudes

Schools have adopted a very responsible attitude towards the problem.

English dictionary. 2014.

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